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5 Tips to Speed ​​Up the Process of Charging Your Smartphone

These tips are certainly very valuable for those of you who really want to take care of your smartphone to last long. If you only use a Smartphone to play social media or just to call you don't need to worry about the health of the battery you have. But if you are a user whose hobby is playing heavy games like PUBG Mobile, you might need to pay attention to your battery health usage or statistics.

Because by playing games like PUBG it takes up a fairly fast battery capacity so that a smartphone that uses a Low Chipset might feel the Engine and Battery on a smartphone feel hot. And if the battery is unable to hold it, the thing that is feared like an Exploding Battery will occur. Therefore you must always maintain the health of your battery so that the smartphone you use can last long.

Tips to Speed ​​Up the Battery Charging Process

Can Lack of Battery Health Slow Battery Charging or the Charging Process? Of course yes. But sometimes the battery is filled faster but the battery capacity also runs out quickly usually occurs due to power leakage because it is always forced to release its performance. Then what if the Battery Health is healthy but the Battery Charging Process is slow? You must pay attention to the things below if you want to speed up the Battery Charging Process on your smartphone.

1. Use an Original Charger

The first thing is the Charger itself. It is highly recommended that you use the original Factory Original Charger to charge your smartphone because of course besides the Battery Charge according to the SOP and your battery health is also maintained. Because there are so many reports of exploding smartphone batteries due to using chargers that are not factory defaults and not in accordance with the SOP. Therefore I strongly advise you to obey this first thing.

2. Don't Smartphone Charger in Lowbat Condition or 0% Capacity

The second thing is never to let your smartphone arrive at 0% Battery Capacity. Because if that happens more often it happens, the health of your battery will also be damaged faster. I strongly advise you to always charge the battery in a capacity above 15% because usually the capacity of 20% is already a sign of charger treatment.

3. Activate Airplane Mode

I strongly recommend activating AirPlane Mode when you are charging the battery because by turning on this feature, there will be many other Background Applications that will turn off and automatically the battery performance will also decrease and does not take up capacity when charging the battery.

4. Use the 3rd Party Application

For 3rd party applications it functions like deactivating Background applications that will automatically make the Temperature on the Smartphone Reduced and Charging the battery faster. You can also monitor battery health statistics and charging.

5. Turn off the Smartphone while charging

Whereas in the last case you certainly have to do it if you want the battery charging process to run quickly. You must deactivate the smartphone (lock state) so that the battery charging feels more fresh and fast.

For Android smartphones that use the Snapdragon processor there is a feature called QuickCharge which functions to speed up the battery charging process by providing a large enough charging power. As for other smartphone brands also provide a Default Charger that has a large charging power. Those are 5 tips for speeding up the battery charging process on your smartphone, hopefully this tutorial is useful for all smartphone users.

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