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Easy Ways to Activate a Mobile Hotspot on a Windows 10 Laptop

I've shared several tutorials and tips for Laptops and Computers including Knowing the Complete Specifications of a PC or Laptop and Reinstalling Windows using a Flashdisk. In this article, I will share a few more tips on how to activate a mobile hotspot on a laptop that uses Windows 10. Of course to activate a mobile hotspot or you can say this sharing network only exists on Windows 10 by default. While for Windows 7 or 8 you may have to use 3rd party applications to activate this mode.

And what I need to emphasize is this Tutorial for Laptops or Notebooks only not for PCs or Computers if you don't have a Hotspot Cable. If usually if you want to turn on the Mobile Hotspot you must turn off Wifi (on your Smartphone), for Laptops or Notebook Wifi with Hotspots that can turn on simultaneously. So maybe for those of you who are connoisseurs of Wifi networks that use the Login Account system as their Security, it is very beneficial if you use this because you can also use the Network of Hotspots that were turned on on the Laptop on your other Smartphone or Device.

Activate Mobile Hotspot

To activate this mobile hotspot you do not need to download any third party applications because Windows 10 already has this setting by default. To activate it you can follow the steps to activate Mobile Hotspot below.

  1. First press the Network or Wifi button in the right navigation bar.
  2. After that you can activate the Mobile Hotspot directly by clicking on the Mobile Hotspot, the sign that the button is blue.
  3. If you want to provide security for the Hotspot from your Laptop, right-click on the Mobile Hotspot button and then click Go To Settings.
  4. After that there will be some after like Share my Internet Connection from set to Wifi and if you want to add Wifi Name and Password click Edit.
Password for your Wifi Hotspot is at least 8 characters so make a password to your Wifi according to the default rules.

That's how to activate a mobile hotspot easily on a laptop or notebook using Windows 10, hopefully this article can help all Windows 10 Laptop users to activate their Mobile Hotspot features.

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