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Easy Ways to Record Sounds that Exit a Computer or Laptop

In this article I will share a tips or tutorial on how to easily record sound out of your computer or laptop. Of course this tutorial is very necessary for people who want to record the sound out of their device or the sound effect of a game that is usually done by streamer gaming around the world. For voice recording this is certainly very easy to do because indeed the steps to activate the feature are very simple.

Windows 7 for recording external sound uses an application called Sound Recorder at a time in Windows 10, the voice recording application called Voice Recorder, is actually the same but maybe the application maker is different and the features provided may also be different. Enabling Outgoing Voice Recording is also the same on Windows 7, 8 and 10 except that there is a different Windows display on each Windows and you certainly already know about it.

Record Exit Computer or Laptop

The following is how to record sound out on a Computer and Laptop. I suggest to really follow the steps from me so that you don't experience difficulties.
  1. First right-click the button with the Speaker Icon in the Right Navigation Down Bar section.
  2. Then click Sound or Recording Device, Every Windows has a slightly different look.
  3. After a new window that is Sound appears, click the Recording Tab then Stereo Mix then the Default setting is at the bottom then click Ok.
  4. Then try by running a game or video that has sound or music.
  5. Run the Sound Recorder application that you have or Voice Recorder to record the sound.
If you don't find the Stereo Mix on the Recording tab, try to do the Right Click on the empty window and then Check Show Disable Devices and Show Disconnected Device.
If that way Stereo Mix does not appear then there is an error on your Computer or Laptop. That's how to record sound out on a computer or laptop, hopefully this article can help all computer users or laptops who want to record external voices.

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