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How to Change Realme 2 Pro Display to Oneplus

In this article I will share a tutorial to change the appearance of the Realme 2 Pro smartphone to like Oneplus. Basically, the appearance of the Oneplus smartphone uses a self-made OS, namely OS Oxygen, just as Realme uses, namely Color OS, but of course the performance of the two ROMs is different. Oxygen OS itself is much preferred because it can enjoy clean and high performance. Many say that the smartphone's performance increases when installing Oxygen OS on its smartphone. Not to mention this OS is very light and multitasking.

To change the appearance of Realme 2 Pro to Oneplus is to change your ROM to Oxygen OS. To change the ROM that you are using to Oxygen OS on a Realme 2 Pro device you must have TWRP installed. If you use OS Oxygen, maybe you will continue to use because the appearance is very good, smooth and your Realme 2 Pro performance will increase.

Many have used this OS Oxygen ROM and only support Realme 2 Pro devices but are also available on Asus, Xiaomi and other devices. This ROM is not officially released but is not official because the average ROM is transported by the developer of the Oneplus device. If you want to install this ROM, you can receive the tutorial provided below.

Change the Realme 2 Pro Display to Oneplus

  1. First download the Oxygen OS ROM file for Realme 2 Pro.
  2. Then enter Recovery Mode (TWRP) by activating the Volume Down and Power buttons simultaneously.
  3. After that do Wipe Complete Deleted System, Data, Cache, Dalvik.
  4. Then go to the Install menu and look for the Oxygen OS ROM file that you downloaded earlier.
  5. Wait for the installation process to finish (the process will not take long).
  6. If the installation process is complete, you can reboot the system.

After the System Reboots you will enter the Boot Process which takes 10-15 minutes

If you rotate Bootloop during installation, reinstall it and read the good and correct way so that it doesn't fix the same installation. That's how to change the appearance of Realme 2 Pro to Oneplus, hopefully this article can be useful for everyone.

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