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How to do a Factory Reset on a PC or Notebook Based on Windows 10

If I previously shared some tutorials and tips on computers, this article I will share a tutorial for Computers about doing Factory Reset to PCs or Laptops that use Windows 10 as their operating system. Of course this tutorial is very easy and olay people who don't know anything about PCs or laptops can do it because I provide detailed steps.

Usually people who want to do a factory reset to their computers or laptops because the system they feel is lagging, there is a virus, they accidentally change the system rules or maybe the PC or laptop they use wants to be sold so they want to do a factory reset so that the PC or the laptop feels more fresh. It is indeed very natural for someone who wants to do a factory reset for these reasons because indeed by doing a factory reset or factory reset the performance and smoothness of the system are better or back to normal.

Factory Reset PC or Laptop Windows 10

Well if you want to run a Factory Reset tutorial for your PC or Laptop, I recommend backing up files that are valuable to you because doing Factory Reset might be possible with different options. Your files can also be deleted.
  1. First, press the Windows key and then select Settings or Settings.
  2. Then select Update & Security right down.
  3. Then select Recovery, which is in the left navigation section.
  4. After that, select Get Started to Reset Your PC.
  5. There will be 2 options provided, namely Keep My Files (Only delete data on your hard drive but there is a file return feature which means this option is less I recommend) and Remove Everyting (Erase all files on your PC). You choose one of them.
  6. If you have made a choice on the next page, Microsoft will provide information that after doing a Factory Reset you are recommended to reinstall your Windows 10.
  7. Continue by clicking the Next button.
  8. Then click Reset and the automatic process will run within 30 minutes or more according to the options you choose.
After the Factory Reset process is complete you will be given instructions to reinstall Windows 10 earlier. Therefore you can follow the steps from Microsoft to install your Windows 10. After the installation of Windows 10 has finished, try to make sure that the previous files have been completely deleted from your PC or Laptop and also make sure that the Settings on the System have become Initial System Settings or Default.

That's how to do a Factory Reset on a PC or Laptop that uses Windows 10 as its Operating System, Hopefully this article can help all computer users or laptops who have problems with their devices

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