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How to Find Out the Complete Specifications of the Computer / Laptop

The specifications of a PC are the most important thing that everyone who wants to use or buy a PC or Laptop must know. Because by knowing the specifications that are owned by the PC or Laptop the person can find out how much performance is obtained when using the computer. But unfortunately it is quite difficult to also look for the specifications of a PC, if it's a laptop it's easy to find specifications by looking for what type of laptop it is and look for it in Google Information about the laptop.

But if it's a Computer or PC, can it be searched through Google? Yes, you can, for some PCs or CPUs that are actually traded by computer companies such as Asus, Acer, Lenovo and others. Therefore, this article will give a tutorial on how to find out the complete specifications of the PC or Laptop used. Indeed, if I previously said that to find the specifications of the Laptop was too easy, indeed. But to find out the speed of the processor and the study of other aspects is quite difficult.

How to Know the Complete PC / Laptop Specifications

Actually the way to find out the PCa or Laptop specifications is very easy because I use the Additional Application which can find complete specifications of your PC or Laptop from Chipset, RAM, Motherboard to High Speed. The software that we will use is CPU-Z.

This software can provide information to you about the specifications of your PC or Laptop starting from the Chipset used, Motherboard, RAM, Internal Storage, Cache, VGA Card to Benchmark Score. Therefore I recommend this software because indeed the information provided is very accurate. For tutorials using this application, you can see the steps below.
  1. First download the application or software called CPU-Z on the CPU-Z Official Site.
  2. Then install the application that you just downloaded with a size of approximately 2MB.
  3. Allow all confirmation requests.
  4. Then click the CPU-Z application that is already installed on your PC and automatically the application will read the system and specifications of your PC or Laptop.
To download the application please download according to the Bit on your PC or Laptop whether it is 32 Bit or 64 Bit.
The application supports the latest processors such as AMD Ryzen or Intel i9 but it is clear that the CPU-Z application is different from the others, please see the site and select the Application that supports your Chipset.

That's how to find out the complete specifications of a PC or Laptop that you use, hopefully this article can be useful for all PC users.

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