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How to find out what version of WhatsApp you are using

After I have previously shared a tutorial and tips on WhatsApp Applications such as Saving Story Photos or Videos from WhatsApp. I will share this article again with a simple trick or tips to find out what version of WhatsApp is being used now. These tips function for Android smartphone users who don't get automatic updates from the Smartphone Center they use so that the Android OS they use may still be under Android 7.0 Nougat.

As of now the WhatsApp Application is constantly updated continuously following the development of the Android OS which has now reached the Android OS 9.0 Pie and is still BETA Android Q status. Every update of this version also certainly provides additional experience and additional features as well as fixing bugs. is on the previous WhatsApp Version. Therefore this tutorial is very important for an Android Smartphone user whose Android OS is still under Android 7.0 or Nougat.

Check the WhatsApp Version

As low as a smartphone now it uses OS Android 4.4 or 5.0 Lolipop. Well, here is how to find out what version of WhatsApp is used. Follow the steps so that this tutorial feels easier.
  1. First open the WhatsApp Application that you are using.
  2. Then click the Settings or Settings button that is on the Upper Right.
  3. Then click the Help button.
  4. After that you can find out your Application Version by clicking the Application Info tab.
  5. There you will know the Version of your WhatsApp Application and match it with the latest Global version.
After you get the version of WhatsApp that you are using, you can match it with the one on the Play Store or through Google with the keyword the Latest WhatsAppp Application.

That's how you know what version of WhatsApp you are using, hopefully this article can help all WhatsApp users especially Android smartphone users whose Android OS is under Android 7.0 or Nougat.

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