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How to install Windows 7 by using a Flashdisk

In this article I will share an article on how to easily install Windows 7 on a PC using a PC. Maybe for some people who are unfamiliar with computers only know that installing Windows uses a CD / DVD but actually installing Windows using a Flashdisk is easier and simpler than using a CD / DVD. Indeed, for some people installing Windows themselves on their PC or Laptop is the scariest thing even though the task is very easy especially using Flashdisk.

There are many choices of Windows 7 that you can use, for example the latest Windows 7 Ultimate Update. You also have to adjust your choice of Windows 7 with your 32 Bit or 64 Bit PC Specifications. There are several installation methods that you can do such as Clean install and Advanced. Of course if you want Windows you use Fresh choose Clean Install but if you don't want to lose your data, you have to choose the Advanced install method.

Install Windows 7

To install Windows 7 using a flashdisk, there are several conditions that you must fulfill such as:
  • Has a Windows file with ISO extension
  • Have a flashdisk with a capacity of 4 GB or more
To install Windows 7 using a Flashdisk you can follow the steps below.
  1. First you have to make your flashdisk a Bootable Means for how to make it can see the Bootable Flashdisk Tutorial.
  2. If you have made a Bootable flashdisk now Turn off your PC and then enter BIOS Mode by pressing the Del, F2, F12 or other buttons because for each PC or Laptop it is different.
  3. Then enter the BOOT tab then change the Initial Hard Drive Boot to your Flashdisk.
  4. After that press F10 to save and click YES.
  5. Automatic booting from the Windows 7 Installer on your Flashdisk and press Enter.
  6. If you have entered the Windows 7 Installer Menu, select English then type Next and click Install Windows 7.
  7. Then confirm the License Terms Approval then click Next.
  8. After that, click Advanced to install Windows 7.
  9. Select which disk you want to use as your Windows installation.
  10. Automatic later The installation process starts from Copying Windows Files, Expanding files Windows, Install Features, Instaling Updates, then the Completing the Installation Process which may take 15-25 Minutes.
  11. If the entire process is finished the computer automatically reboots.
  12. Then there will be several setups such as PC names, passwords and license keys, clock settings.
  13. And if all the settings you have entered will go to Windows Windows 7 that you use.
That's a short tutorial on how to install Windows 7 by using a Bootable Flashdisk, hopefully this article can help all PC users. One more thing, if you want to activate features in Windows you must activate the License Key or Product Key on the Windows that you are using.

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