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How to Make a Bootable Windows 7 Flash Drive using Rufus

Do you know about creating a Bootable USB using Flashdisk? maybe all this time you have installed Windows using CD / DVD or more often you are using it because there used to be no other facilities. But now Flashdisk can be used as Bootable to install Windows, how to install? Check out this article well.

Maybe for some people who understand what a Bootable Flashdisk is for? Bootable Flashdisk is a Bootable tool besides CD / DVD that automatically boots .iso files (usually windows) into a Computer or Laptop. Of course for people who use flashdisks as Bootable is the easiest or cheapest means because in today's world do not have a few people who have flashdisks requires a minimum of 8 GB of flashdisk storage is sufficient to store Windows ISO files.

Create a Bootable Flashdisk

To make a bootable flashdisk very easy. But to make a bootable flashdisk, there are some necessities or materials that must be on your laptop or PC. The following is a tool that must exist.

  1. Has an 8GB capacity Flashdisk to be able to save ISO files.
  2. Provide an ISO Windows 7 file that is usually 2-3 GB capacity
  3. Download the Bootable Flashdisk maker application like Rufus.

After you have all the requirements or tools needed then you can immediately make a tutorial on making a Windows 7 flash drive using Rufus.

  1. Open the Rufus Application that you downloaded earlier through the Official Rufus Site.
  2. Then set the Partition Scheme and Target System to type the MBR partition scheme for BIOS or UEFI.
  3. Then the set File System becomes FAT32 while the Cluster Size becomes 4096 Bytes.
  4. For Format Options check everything from Quick FormatCreate a Bootable Disk Using and Create Extended Labels and File Icons while Checking Devices for Bad Hours does not need to be checked.
  5. Then select ISO file or Windows 7 in the form of ISO that you downloaded earlier.
  6. If everything has been done click Start to start the process of making Bootable on your Flashdisk.

For the process of making Bootable, the Flashdisk takes approximately 15 minutes.

A sign if you have succeeded in making Bootable on your Flashdisk compile with the Description Complete or 1 Device Found below. That's a short tutorial to make Windows 7 Bootable Flashdisk correctly, hopefully this article can help all PC users make Bootable.

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