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How to Save Status of Photos or Videos on WhatsApp Easily

WhatsApp is a chat application that is on the rise now because the features and use of applications are relatively easy. This application is also very simple because it only provides 2 Main Features, namely Chat or Story. For this Chat section WhatsApp includes a complete Chat application because there are features of Calling, Video Call, Voice Mail and many other features such as being able to send Video, Document or Photo files that are less than 100MB in size.

While Story is a feature like describing your daily story in the form of videos and photos. Your story can also be commented on by friends who saved your Number. But there are many people who make a Story with a funny or good Video or Picture that makes people who see it also want to put up a Story like that. Actually to take videos or stories on WhatsApp is very easy and I will share tutorials or tips on how to save videos or photo stories that are on the WhatsApp application.

Save Status of Videos or WhatsApp Photos

Running this tutorial you only need to provide an internet package to download a 3rd party application from the Thunder App to save the status of Photos or Videos in your Friends Story (WhatsApp). And for the steps to save the status of photos or videos on WhatsApp, you can follow the steps below.

  1. First open the Play Store then look for the Benama Story Saver for WhatsApp Application then download 4.6 MB in size.
  2. After you have finished downloading the application, open your WhatsApp Application.
  3. View Story or Status Photos or Videos that you want to save.
  4. Then open the Story Saver for WhatsApp Application and click Recent Stories.
  5. Story will automatically appear Photos or Videos that you have opened or seen earlier.
  6. Select the Story photo or video you want to save or download by selecting between the two Picture or Video Tabs.
  7. If you have found the video or photo you want to download, click the Download button to download the Story.
  8. Automatic Photos or Video Stories on WhatsApp will be stored in your Internal Storage precisely in the Folder Story Saver for WhatsApp.
After you download the story photo or video, you are free to install the same photo or video in your status or want to share it.
That's how to save the status of photos or videos on WhatsApp. Of course it's easy right? Hopefully this can be useful for all users of the WhatsApp Application.

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