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Tips for Removing a Virus Shortcut with a Flashdisk without Anti Virus

Previously I shared a tutorial related to flashdisk which is Making Bootable Windows but this article is a little different from the previous article because in this article I will give a tip to delete Shortcut Viruses that are on the Flashdisk without using Anti Virus software like SMADAV. Indeed to simplify this tutorial you can just install an application such as SMADAV because indeed the main feature in the application is removing the virus that is on your Flashdisk.

Maybe you will be confused because how can there be other ways that can be done to remove a virus without the help of the Anti Virus Software application. Here I will use a default application, CMD or Command Prumpt to delete Virus files or folders on your flashdisk. This tutorial is also very simple and very easy to run because it does not require special computer skills that must be owned. The following is how to delete the Virus Shortcut on the flashdisk without the help of Anti Virus.

Remove Virus Shortcut on Flashdisk

  1. First insert the Flashdisk into the USB Port on your PC or Laptop.
  2. Then after that open CMD or Command Prompt by clicking the Windows button and then looking for CMD and pressing Enter or the quick way is to press the Windows key + R simultaneously.
  3. After that type your Flashdisk Drive Code command for example if your flashdisk Drive Code that appears is G, then you just type it in CMD then press enter.
  4. Then type Special Commands namely attrib -s -h -r -a *. * / S / d then press Enter. The command is a virus cleaning command that is in your Flashdisk which only takes a few seconds.
  5. If the recovery process is complete, you can check the Shortcut File on your flashdisk and delete the file now or there will be several virus files or folders that are automatically deleted during the recovery.

Until there, your flashdisk is safe from a virus that previously existed but fully flashdisk can still be infected with the virus again because of its security which might be easy to enter, therefore you need to be careful in inserting the flashdisk on the device or you need to add virus immunity to the flashdisk .

That's a quick tip about removing a virus shortcut that is on a Flashdisk without any help from Anti-virus software, hopefully this article can help all flashdisk users who experience this problem.

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