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Tutorial on Fixing U7353 Error Problems on Netflix

Netflix is ​​a Video or Film application that provides Live Streaming features so that it produces experience and always provides its own convenience when using this application. With the Netflix application you can watch movies or programs on TV on streaming. But it is certain that each application has a weakness or a bug that might bother users, for example Erorr U7353 which is usually obtained when you are watching streaming videos.

I myself have the same experience when streaming videos on this Netflix Application. Even for this problem enough people have experienced it, so from this article I will share a tutorial on repairing U7353 errors on the Netflix application. For solving the problem with the Bug, there are several ways you can do it, for that you can follow some steps to solve the problem below.

Fix Error U7353

For the first fix tutorial, you can reset the Netflix application or delete all data on your Netflix application so the application feels more fresh.

Reset Application

  1. First, open the settings in Windows 10 that you are using.
  2. Then choose Apps & Features.
  3. After that, select Netflix
  4. Then select Advanced Options.
  5. Then select Reset and Confirm the same thing.
  6. If so, now restart the Netflix application and try accessing the video or content inside.

Change DNS Settings

This tutorial on repairing the U7353 error on Netflix is ​​changing the DNS settings on your computer or laptop. For that, consider the steps below.

1. First open the Run dialog box and type ncpa.cpl.

2. Right-click on Network Adapter then select Properties.

3. After that, double-click on Internet Protocol Version 4.

4. Then open the Property Options from Internet Protocol Version 4 and enter the DNS address below.

  • Primary DNS Server:
  • Alternative DNS Server:

5. After you have saved the DNS changes, Restart your PC or Laptop and check the Netflix Error Code whether it has been fixed.

That's the steps to fix the Netflix Code Error U7353 problem which consists of two ways, namely Reset the Netflix Application and Change DNS Settings. Hopefully both of these ways can help you in solving problems with your Netflix application.

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